During his press conference today, Obama defended his choice of Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural invocation, as reported here, by saying that the country needs to "come together," even when there's disagreement on social issues. "That dialogue is part of what my campaign is all about." Meanwhile, The New York Times Caucus blog is reporting that Obama is calling for a National Day of Service on January 19, the day before the inauguration. According to the Times, the inaugural committee is contacting organizations of all kinds and ideologies and asking them to encourage their members to participate. The Times names moveon.org and Focus on the Family as left and right (ideologically speaking) examples of groups the committee is reaching out to. The committee's decision to be so ideologically diverse suggests another Obama effort to get the country to "come together." Watch to see how come-together-ish all of those invited decide to be, not least Focus on the Family, which so sharply criticized Obama during the campaign as to leave you wondering how it ever could say yes to this National Day of Service.
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