Nice to see CNN giving Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty its due--and timed just right to mark the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Besides interviewing the always impressive head of RFE/RL, Jeffrey Gedmin, the CNN reporter also spends time talking with Pavel Pechacek, a journalist who was instrumental during the downfall of Communism in Czechoslovakia. Pechacek was basically the only source of news from behind the Iron Curtain in his country and allowed us insight into the dramatic events that were taking place. I actually shared an office with Mr. Pechacek when I visited RFE/RL headquarters last summer. He was such a soft-spoken fellow that at first I thought he was the IT guy. (I highly recommend watching the video as it also shows RFE's sleek new headquarters and the very same halls that yours truly roamed--mostly on my way to that terrific cafeteria!)
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