Jonathan Martin reported yesterday on an interview with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos in which Ana Navarro, a McCain campaign veteran, trashed Sarah Palin, saying Palin "does not understand issues concerning Hispanics and Latin America" and that the McCain campaign was forced to cancel an interview with Ramos at the last minute because "She did not feel comfortable speaking about issues regarding Hispanics and Latin America." Navarro is described in Martin's report as a "GOP consultant" and a "top adviser on Hispanic issues to John McCain's presidential campaign," but a month ago Navarro was cited in the same paper in a story by Alex Isenstadt as "a longtime Florida Republican fundraiser who is working for [Marco] Rubio." Rubio, of course, is a favorite of the conservative rank and file, most of whom seem to be pretty big fans of Sarah Palin, whose endorsement in the Florida primary battle could go a long way. Asked if Rubio agrees with Navarro's assessment, a campaign spokesman told THE WEEKLY STANDARD that "Marco Rubio would be honored to have [Gov. Palin's] support. There are many things they agree on and have in common, as both have been reformers during their political careers." Crist declined to answer when asked earlier this week if he would accept Palin's endorsement, saying only that her support "hasn't been offered." Update: A Rubio campaign spokesman clarified that Navarro "is a Rubio supporter and donor to the campaign. Like other volunteers, she is working to help elect Rubio to the Senate. She is not part of the campaign's staff."
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