"Opaqueness and secrecy are the enemies of science," wrote George Monbriot, a leading British environmentalist. "There is a word for the apparent repeated attempts to prevent disclosure revealed in these emails: unscientific." Who doesn't love a new Marine? (link corrected) Tuesday: Obama's Speech on Afghanistan to Envision Exit Huckabee commuted sentence of Washington cop-killer. Newsweek joins the call: Cheney 2012. "But on a more serious note, who rates bigger reality TV points: White House crashers, Balloon Family, or the Obama admin?" Charles Krauthammer's concert series brings to light the Jewish musical tradition, some of which was buried until fall of USSR: "Pro Musica Hebraica is an attempt to recover a tradition, Mr. Krauthammer says, and to encourage audiences to judge whether it might be worthy of 'a place in the Western canon.'"
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