'Doh! Obama and Tiger Woods appear on Photoshopped cover of Golf Digest together this month. Clinton, Gates, McChrystal: July 2011 not "locked in," and president could change his mind based on conditions. Obama says July 2011 troop withdrawal "etched in stone," but an Obama stone usually operates like an Etch-a-Sketch, so there's that. Video: Chris Matthews apologizes for calling West Point, "enemy camp." The president is going to talk a lot about jobs today. Watch this interactive map of unemployment by county to see his words magically change the economy, just like they have Iranian intransigence. Steele: This is just another episode in Obama's PR presidency. Robert Samuelson looks on the bright side, sort of? "The good news is that the bad news may be peaking. Surplus inventories are declining; new orders will spur production. There is pent-up demand for cars and appliances. The devastated housing market is showing signs of revival -- more sales, stable prices. Initial claims for unemployment insurance have dropped, as have monthly job losses (from about 700,000 per month early in the year to about 200,000 recently). Corporate profits have recovered from lows, easing pressure for layoffs." Rove: Go Obama! Good news: Waxman wants to use your money to save the media. Because they're not already deferential enough to the idea of the federal government as a benign and generous force with no end to its funds. Michelle Malkin destroys Nicholas Kristof's fake health-care horror story by picking up the phone. What are the actual odds that a country song will include trains, mama, prison, or tears? The Internet knows.
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