The sentiment should be, "Hey, what we may be asked to sacrifice to be in session on a Christmas Eve is nothing compared to what our men and women in uniform sacrifice every day of their comfort and safety in order to keep us safe from threats." Instead the sentiment is, "If that soldier can be on guard for us over there [on Christmas Eve], we can certainly be on guard for them right here, and we intend to stay." Chris Dodd released the statement on his Twitter feed, as if he's rather proud of his bone-headed equation of the job troops are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan with the federal attempt to spend $2.5 trillion of someone else's money to raise insurance rates and create yet another impenetrable federal bureaucracy to serve the American people badly. The "right" of health-care "security" is equivalent to national security, in this formulation, and Dodd and his fellow senators are presumably the really out-of-shape SEALs sent to execute the stealth, underwater demolition of the private health-care system armed only with their flabby incompetence and heavy-handed regulations. Heroes. Dodd calls his observation "poignant." You can watch and choose your own adjective:
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