Gallup's poll putting Obama's job approval at 47 percent got a lot of attention today, but Gallup's demographic breakouts from Monday are at least as interesting because they show a lot of week-to-week movement during November and the first week of December. Highlights: * Obama is doing poorly among seniors, but his 46 percent approval rating with them is actually up slightly from the previous three weeks (when he was 45 percent, 42 percent, and then 43 percent). * Obama continues to trend inexorably downward with voters ages 18 to 29. In the beginning of November he was at 66 percent; he's now at 59 percent. You'll recall that under-30 voters were Obama's second-most reliable cohort in 2008 when they tilted 66 percent to 32 percent in his favor. * Obama maintains a 57 percent approval rating among people with post-graduate degrees, yet his highest approval rating by income comes from those making less than $2,000 a month, 58 percent of whom approve of the job he's doing. * If you want a glimpse at the cultural schism opening up around Obama (separate, if not distinct, from the partisan split) look at his numbers by marital status. His approval rating has dropped significantly among marrieds, now down to 41 percent. By contrast, his approval rating among singles has remained high, and relatively stable -- now at 59 percent.
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