Harry Reid says his Gang of 10 has reached a deal on health care reform. No one knows exactly what's in the deal, since Reid is keeping it close to the vest as he waits for the CBO to score his manager's amendment. Meanwhile, the Senate is poised to consider Byron Dorgan's amendment to allow drug reimportation sometime today. The big story, however, is Reid's deal. The AP reports: "Officials said it included nonprofit national health plans administered by the Office of Personnel Management, which runs the popular federal employees' health plan, as well as opening Medicare to uninsured Americans beginning at age 55, effective in 2011." Paul Krugman likes what he sees: "If this is the final plan, it's better than most of us were expecting - and definitely good enough to go with." Howard Dean agrees. It's unlikely, therefore, that liberals will oppose the compromise plan. What about moderate Democrats? Hard to say. Lieberman is skeptical. The Nelson amendment failed yesterday evening, and the senator from Nebraska has promised to bolt if his abortion language isn't included in the bill. But Nelson could always fold. It may all come down to Scoop Jackson's heir.
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