The Pakistani government has denied that Mullah Omar and the "Quetta Shura" -- his executive ruling council for Afghanistan -- was based in Pakistan. That is until Pakistan's defense minister said the Quetta Shura is indeed in Pakistan. But rest assured it is not a threat. From Dawn News reports:
The government has admitted the existence of the Afghan Taliban's Quetta shura for the first time, and says it has taken them on. In an exclusive interview with DawnNews, Defence Minister, Ahmad Mukhtar said security forces have taken on the Quetta shura and have damaged it to such an extent that it no longer poses any threat.
Perhaps Pakistan's defense minister would like to share with us how the Quetta Shura has been "damaged"? Did they raid the Taliban's cozy complex in Quetta, which is nicely described here:
The one-eyed Mullah and his cohorts are said to have converted one of Quetta's suburbs into a kind of mini-Taliban city; it is a place which neither Pakistani police nor journalists dare visit. Houses, shops and mosques have all been purchased by the Taliban (using ISI money, which is basically US military aid; yes, ironic). The ISI is in constant touch with the Taliban hierarchy.
Don't bet on it.
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