Professional libs have begun bolting from the health-care reservation, but what about the cultural leftists who joined onto the Obama bandwagon first, and Obama's policy agenda second? During the campaign, one of Obama's most prolific artist-supporters was Ray Noland, aka CRO. Of the many bits of Obama propaganda CRO churned out, this one was one of the most interesting, because, in contrast to most of the Obama iconography, it actually portrayed a policy preference:
There's the kindly Obama, handing out sacks of health care to the unwashed unfortunates. Throughout most of 2009, CRO hung with Obama, even as his art expanded to include different subjects (including Michael Jackson, Skip Gates, Blago, and "Teabaggers"). In August he constructed this odd bit of work in support of the public option:
And now? CRO hasn't posted anything on his blog since mid-December. Shepard Fairey, probably the most influential of the Obama propagandists, has gone a little further. Two weeks ago he wrote, "I'm disappointed in Obama, but even more so in Americans. I'm working on a healthcare graphic right now, not waiting for Obama or congress to fix things without pressure." Maybe it's out there somewhere, but I haven't seen one yet.
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