Schumer was apparently under the impression that the rule is no one can use their Blackberries during take-off and landing except super-important people.
Sen. Chuck Schumer called a flight attendant an obscenity aboard a recent U.S. Airways flight, reported. The New York Democrat muttered the word "bitch" after a female flight attendant asked him to turn his cell phone off before takeoff, a House GOP aide who witnessed the incident told the Web site.
He was seated next to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand when he said it, illustrating his respect both for women in the service industries and in the Senate. As I noted in my piece this week for the magazine, "Women and the GOP," it was a mere verbal argument on the floor of the House that led to Debbie Wasserman Schultz accusing Republicans of giving women "back-of-the-hand treatment." I'm sure we'll see a Politico story on the Democrats' "women problem" any moment now.
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