A poll conducted by the Tarrance Group over the past two days helps explain why Senator Ben Nelson is nervous about supporting even a modified Harry Reid-version of health care reform. The poll interviewed 500 registered "likely voters" in Nebraska and asked for their views on a range of issues, including health care reform. Among the findings: *51 percent of those surveyed approve of the way Nelson is handling his job; 41 percent disapprove and nine percent are unsure *Asked to name the most important one issue facing Congress, 28 percent said "health care reform;" 23 percent said "deficit spending of the government;" 14 percent said "the economy;" 11 percent said "jobs;" and 7 percent said "taxes." All told, 55 percent pointed to an economic issue as most important, 28 percent said health care reform. *90 percent of Nebraskans said they were satisfied with their current health care; 9 percent were unsatisfied *Asked how much they've heard about the current health care reform debate, 68 percent said "a lot," 26 percent said "some," and 4 percent said "a little." *Asked "do you favor or oppose President Obama's plan to expand health care coverage to most Americans even if this plan increases the role of the federal government in health care and increases the cost of the deficit?" 67 percent opposed, 26 percent favored, and 7 percent were unsure. *Respondents were asked directly about Nelson's vote. "As you may know, there is likely to be a vote soon in the US Senate on President Obama's health care plan. If Senator Ben Nelson votes in favor of this plan, would that make you more likely or les likely to support Senator Nelson when he runs for re-election?" 26 percent said "more likely;" 61 percent said "less likely;" 7 percent said "unsure;" and 6 percent said "no difference."
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