Karl Rove: The President is makin' history. Bad history. Pawlenty in N.H.: "President Obama was here in New Hampshire on New Hampshire primary night and said he was going to fix health care by bringing Republicans and Democrats together," he said. "Well, here we are in New Hampshire and now what we see is a monstrosity being jammed down our throats on almost a purely partisan basis and maybe entirely partisan basis." A list of lists in this season of lists: The top 20 Internet lists of 2009 AP's Athlete of the Decade is...Tiger Woods. Mark Seavey offers a better choice. Democrats: Hey, you know what makes passing giant monstrosities no one likes really hard? The Senate. Let's dispense with it. NBC/WSJ Poll: Tea Party more popular than Republicans or Democrats. Pelosi says no bill until the SOTU. Democrats can't blame Bush for their troubles, says....E.J. Dionne.
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