The Iranian people are once again in what, at least to the outside world, seems just short of full-scale revolt. Some dramatic video out of Iran today, none more so than this violent four-minute clip showing a crowd of people cutting down three men that are being hanged in the street by some kind of police force. They seem to succeed before the police open fire -- the video is graphic. The New York Times has multiple reports of government forces firing into unarmed crowds. Just three months ago, Hilary Clinton was asked if the protests this summer following Iran's rigged election had "changed the Administration's calculation" in attempting to engage the regime. Her answer: "Well, no, but there's a lot of ongoing instability and jockeying for power. But that's up to the Iranians, so what we are doing is dealing with the people who hold the power now." Maybe another bloody regime crackdown will make a difference. Or maybe the Obama administration will send John Kerry to meet with A'jad while his thugs hang people in the streets.

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