So say the Iranians. Of course, they'd probably say anything right now to try and get back just a little bit of the international legitimacy that the regime has been bleeding with each video of Iranian protesters being murdered in the streets. Still, ever since Josh Rogin first floated the rumor that Kerry was trying to go to Tehran in a last ditch effort to resolve the deadlock over the regime's nuclear program, the White House has done nothing to knock the rumors down (though Kerry denied an imminent departure date in a follow-up with Rogin). Of course, when word of the proposed trip first started to circulate, the regime wasn't in the midst of a new round of protests -- and Obama hadn't just been forced off the golf course to bear witness, again, to the regime's crimes against its own people. I emailed the White House yesterday to see if they would confirm that this latest uprising in Iran had put the kaibosh on any plans for a trip by Kerry. I didn't get a response, but I suspect that this latest report from Iran will elicit one -- and kill Kerry's dream of a face to face meeting with the Supreme Leader and, at last, his moment to shine on the international stage. Or maybe the Iranian report is legit, and this White House is about to throw Tehran a lifeline. Unfortunately, you really can't rule it out.
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