The WSJ covers taxes and incentives. The death tax is going to die tonight, so family members and sick patients are trying hard to stay alive until Jan. 1. What will this story look like next year? "Just because I don't want my kids paying off national debts for their entire lives doesn't mean I'm a racist," said...the Democrat. TSA subpoenas bloggers over posting new screening requirements. Apparently without irony, White House blog accuses Cheney of playing the blame game. Do the mullahs care about Obama's deadline? Hoekstra and Miller on Christmas Day attack: We can't rely on luck to keep us safe. Indeed, bipartisanship has been hard to achieve while the Obama administration and Democrats have been calling their political opponents racist teabaggers. Whodathunkit? Rove's resolution: "Ambitious Republicans should resolve to run next year. There will be a wave of voter support for GOP positions, but authenticity, passion and conviction matter." The many clues missed before Ft. Hood. 13 AGs threaten suit over Nebraska's health-care deal.
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