How's this for encouragement in the new year? Obama and Senate Dems can't shake the resilient Rod Blagojevich, House Dems can't rid themselves of the scandal-ridden Charlie Rangel, and now, it is revealed that none other than Billy Mays is a Republican. The interview is actually a couple months old, but I'd never seen it linked anywhere, and I thought the news was vital:
L.G.: A lot of the fundraising is done on the internet, in small increments-indeed, in many cases in $19.95 increments. Could you see a situation where you're selling Barack Obama or John McCain in that way, or is that just too nutty? B.M.: I think if I was approached by the McCain camp. I'm a Republican. L.G.: Maybe this is unfair to ask, but how would you pitch John McCain? Would you say, "Billy Mays here for John McCain?" B.M.: Security. The world's a safer place. Country first. "Billy Mays for John McCain! If you want to keep you and your family safe, vote McCain!" I'd have to think about it, I wouldn't like to bash anything. I'd like to keep things positive.
As far as I'm concerned, this means our 2009 prospects are stronger than Mighty Putty and brighter than an Oxi-Cleaned laundry load.
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