Milton Friedman p3wns Naomi Klein. Gratifying. Despite their well-known tendency toward clannishness and proclivity for imposing apartheid on their Palestinian neighbors (Right, Jimmy and Naomi?), the Jews are inexplicably out-diversifying the diversity ball during Inaugural festivities. Louis Gosset, Jr. has ditched the insufficiently diverse diversity ball for the National Inaugural Jewish Ball. Kay Bailey may stick around. NYT: Um, you can't just dismiss Geithner's tax problems as "mistakes," no matter how much we love you, Obama. Inauguration celebrants to be caged, apparently. Holder claims he made mistakes in Rich pardon, was "seared" by the experience. Searing memories, if I remember correctly, aren't always that reliable. McCain to <3 Obama. The nation's most gerrymandered districts. Top 10 Obama schlock items you can buy, if you're into that kinda thing. The poster that should be in every single American classroom:
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