The entire country is wondering: Who designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown? For the first time in First Lady history, we won't find out the designer of this much-hyped dress until Tuesday. This is a "break with precedent," reports the Washington Times, since the "designer of the First Lady's gown has traditionally been released in advance." We do know what she likely won't be wearing: Oscar de la Renta or pantyhose. Designer de la Renta is a common choice for First Ladies, as he designed both Hillary Clinton's 1997 inaugural gown and Laura Bush's 2005 inaugural gown. He also designed both Hillary's inauguration day outfit and evening gown, so expect Michelle Obama to choose a new and different designer. And she probably won't wear pantyhose, says New York magazine, since she reportedly finds them "too painful." Will she go bare-legged in the 20-30 degree weather? Or perhaps wear some cashmere tights? Either way, fashionistas are anxiously awaiting Tuesday...for a dress.
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