From what I can confidently describe as the most self-absorbed blog post I've ever read, Steve Clemons writes about how fate keeps bringing him and David Corn together at the absolute swankiest parties in Washington:
And then I saw this note in "The Sleuth" column of The Washington Post identifiying David Corn and myself as the "wonkiest of wonks" in Washington. This actually made me happy. And then the columnist, Mary Ann Akers, disclosed that we were talking to Ben Affleck for a really long time about a lot of stuff -- the economy, Affleck's new documentary on Nick Kristof, the Middle East, and the like. There were about 50 people standing around us, and Susan Eisenhower was in on the discussion too. I'm not going to comment on exactly what Affleck said -- but I want to say that he impressed me with his passion and the level of detailed understanding that he had about the dilemmas we face in the Middle East. He has his views -- and he's not shy about broadcasting them, but he also listens to alternative takes. I think Ben Affleck can be an important voice on the need to approach many of the country's foreign policy problems without the kind of biases we have had before.
Go read the whole thing. You won't be disappointed.
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