THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that later this morning Rasmussen Reports will release new survey data showing that a plurality of Americans now oppose the stimulus package (37-43%); two weeks ago, support for the legislation stood at 45-34%. There is now greater support for a plan that includes tax cuts only than for the Democratic package. And fully 50% of those polled say the plan that emerges from Congress may end up doing more harm than good. The longer the plan sits out there, the more support sags. GOP leaders should start insisting the plan not be rushed through before the one week Presidents' Day recess, that whatever comes out of the conference committee (assuming the bill does pass the Senate at the end of this week, which no longer seems a sure thing) has to be posted on the Internet for 48 hours, etc., to prevent a rush to passage. I now think, for the first time, there's an outside possibility the plan as presently constructed could collapse--allowing for passage in late February or early March of something far more like the GOP alternative of tax cuts and some targeted spending. Update: You can read the full Rasmussen poll here.
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