I wonder if Markos Moulitsas has started hanging around with Republicans. I've heard this joke a few dozen times over the last week or two, but it's now apparently OK for liberals to recite as well:
The Moulitsas Deficit Reduction Act of 2009 by kos... Here's how it works: Since the only time rich DC party insiders [that would be Democratic party insiders -- bf] seem to get around to paying their taxes is when nominated to Obama's cabinet, I'd require that they all be nominated to Obama's cabinet. Suddenly, these people would discover this strange creature called the "accountant" who would quickly identify failed tax payments totaling in the tens (or even hundreds) of thousands. Collectively, the Treasury could raise hundreds of billions, while Obama would continue to vouch for their "integrity". It's a perk of being part of that club.
Here's a heads-up for readers of the DailyKos: the next joke asks just who was doing the vetting for the transition. Possible punchlines include Hillary Clinton, the same team that refereed the SuperBowl, and New York Governor David Paterson. Later, you can joke about the 'hero' thing.
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