That's what Steve Rattner's wife, the man likely to be nominated as Obama's "Car Czar," told the policeman who found her "stopped at the raised EZPass gate, failing to proceed through, with a line of vehicles honking" behind her Mercedes Benz. When the cop approached, Rattner's wife "stared blankly...with glassy eyes and stated in sum and substance: Where do I go now?" Somehow the arrest, which happened on October 28 of last year, managed to stay out of the papers. The Daily News had the story up for a few hours, but then it disappeared, and the New York Post and New York Times never reported the story at all. Michael Wolff, who picks the story up here, writes:
In other words, an incident that any other person seeking high office should expect to be covered wasn't. At least not for very long. It is possible, of course, that the Daily News website has malfunctioned. And that the Times and the Post were asleep at the switch. And that the Rattners are the luckiest public couple in New York. Anything is possible.
It seems Rattner's is being considered for the wrong job. A guy who can get both the Times and the Post to disappear an ugly story ought to be running your communications shop. HT: Ben Smith
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