Yeah, this guy probably didn't deserve any of the blame for Katrina, right? Following in the McCain campaign's footsteps, the House GOP violates copyrights, provoking cranky liberal bands, and earning two news stories for every web video released. Jindal: I will assess the money provided to Louisiana through the stimulus and the strings attached before deciding to take it. Congress: Awesome, we knew someone would read the bill if we just passed it first. The Cult of Competence works on TARP II. Don't earn too much! How the stimulus increases marginal tax rates. Pat Robertson vs. Rush Limbaugh. "Break out the butter because Burris is toast." Somehow methinks a protest of this size would have gotten more attention if it were aimed at Bush while he was signing a bill. GM wants to take you for a ride. Only figuratively, of course, because no one's buying the actual cars they make.
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