A Gallup survey released today finds life is not so hot for Muslims in Muslim lands, with "only 11 percent of Muslims thriving in Indonesia and Pakistan, 13 percent in Egypt, in the high teens to 20 percent in Bangladesh, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, and 24 percent in Morocco." Anyone who's ever been to Cairo and seen the suffering of Muslims there knows it's true: Millions of impoverished Cairenes living in makeshift housing built upon cemeteries; young children kicked and beaten routinely by their irritated employers--I could go on, but it's not necessary. It's not much better for them in Europe, either. In fact, misery's basically your lot if you're a Muslim living just about anywhere but here. American Muslims, it turns out, are pretty much the happiest in the world. Of course they are! They're citizens of the most welcoming and inclusive place on earth, the only country, aside from Israel, where generations of desperate refugees and immigrants have found safety from tyranny, relief from grinding poverty, and the possibility of prosperity.
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