I was going to try to make it to this debate, but my plane couldn't land due to a thick, low-hanging cloud of ego and malevolence over the city. This does not bode well for the banking crisis. I think it's fair to say that belief in Geithner's mishandling is now officially unideological:
Maher said he regrets Obama's choice of Geithner, because, he said, the treasury secretary "sounds like he's [expletive] in his pants." "Do you think he inspires confidence, or you more in the pants thing?" Halperin asked Coulter. "No, I agree with Bill 100 percent on this," she said. "We've reached consensus here," Halperin declared. "You both think Tim Geithner's doing a bad job. If you were Tim Geithner, and heard that Bill Maher and Ann Coulter both thought you were doing a bad job, would you say, 'Oh good' or ‘That's a bad thing'?" And on that, there was one more point of agreement: Both Maher and Coulter said that a Cabinet secretary wouldn't want their support.
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