Noah Pollak writes:
Andrew Sullivan flags an aside from my last post in which I refer to the American Conservative as being un-American and un-conservative. I wonder if Andrew feels a similar incredulity at the headline of Pat Buchanan’s latest column: “UnAmerican Activities: The Israeli Lobby's Assassination Of Chas Freeman. In my opinion, a magazine that attempts to undermine the democratic legitimacy of the contribution of Jews to the public debate by repeatedly referring to them as a “fifth column” is indeed an un-American publication.
Unfortunately Sullivan is not just an admirer of the American Conservative -- he's an admirer of Buchanan and his brand of conservatism. When Buchanan accused one McCain adviser of "treason," of being a "dual loyalist," and of being a "neocon agent," Sullivan was happy to promote the piece. Likewise, Buchanan is with the left on Freeman, so left-wing bloggers like Sullivan will promote him and his magazine despite the antisemitism, isolationism, and general quackery that define that particular fringe of the American right.
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