A former Bush administration official emails:
Two things came to mind while reading your posts on the White House Situation Room: First, during the Bush Administration, it was nearly impossible to reserve a conference room in the Situation Room because it was almost always fully booked with a whole range of interagency meetings and intel briefings. You would think with all of the reviews underway on Afghanistan, Iran, etc. there would be lots of demand for classified conference room space. Are these national security meetings now forced to take place next door in the limited classified meeting space in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building? Second, the Situation Room staff maintains a calendar for all of the conference rooms in the Situation Room that can be accessed on the desktops of all NSC staff (not sure if it is accessible on White House political staff's desktops). Regardless, the press office should easily be able to determine what meetings were held in the Situation Room by calling the Situation Room staff.
If the White House thinks that the Situation Room is merely "a series of conference rooms that are used for a variety of meetings", then why does it refuse to confirm or deny whether or not top administration political operatives met with a congressional candidate to plot campaign strategy there?
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