A recent Bee story headlined "Islamic laws of finance a cushion in hard times," glowingly reports that Muslims aren't allowed to charge or pay interest, and they're "shielded by socially responsible retirement plans because Shariah-Islamic law-forbids investments in banks and mortgages as well as tobacco, alcohol, gambling, pornography or weapons." Notes Yemeni immigrant Farouk Fakira: "If everybody was Shariah-compliant, there would be no recession." No doubt. But you might want to ask Nonie Darwish what there would be:
Sexual slavery of women captured in war is allowed, which was practiced by Mohammed. Even today, sexual slaves are accepted and all over the Middle East. Honor killings are rooted in Islamic law. For example, the murders for which a Muslim will never have punishment: to kill an apostate, to kill an adulterer - which is usually a woman, and honor killings.
Or Wafa Sultan:
In my family - at the age of 12 at most, my sister's daughter was forced to marry her cousin, who was over 40 years old. Her life with him was an intolerable hell on earth. When she felt there was no escape from this hell, she committed suicide. She set fire to herself, and within minutes she became ashes, leaving four children behind.
Or Ayaan Hirsi Ali . . .
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