Via Hot Air, CNN reporter Susan Roesgen tries to make a guy holding an Obama-as-Hitler photo the face of the Tax Day tea party protests:
You've got to love how Roesgan expresses the same level of indignation toward the completely reasonable guy with his child. (I'm still searching for footage of Roesgen dressing down lefty protesters with Bu$Hitler signs. It's got to be out there somewhere. Right?) As Allahpundit and Michelle Malkin have noted, it was completely predictable that the media would focus attention on the nutty fringe that comes along with any protest. (I believe that the left's crazies are more numerous and crazier than the right's crazies, but that debate's for another day.) Coverage like CNN's is a large part of the reason that more GOP politicians didn't attend. Democrats luckily never have to worry about being lumped together with the fringe elements who show up at their protests. Harry Reid was free to schmooze with antiwar protesters, and Hillary Clinton didn't have to worry about being associated with people carrying "Euthanize Christians" signs when she joined them at the 2004 "March for Abortion-on-Demand Women's Lives":
Then again, it's difficult for reporters to cover an event that they are taking part in. Update: I didn't see this before I published this post. Ugh. Thanks, Gov. Perry.
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