Will Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran return the $50,000 donation he has received from a man who's had run-ins with the police, whom some believe has committed both spousal abuse and child abuse, and who has a history of anti-Semitic remarks? I'm speaking of course about Moran's brother, Congressman Jim Moran:
Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., showered a little brotherly love on Virginia gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran in late March, according to the former's quarterly filing with the Federal Election Commission. Congressman Moran gave former state Rep. Moran $50,000 on March 25, according to the report.
Jim Moran has a resume that candidates for public office should want to keep their distance from. In 1995 he shoved a Republican Member of the House off the House floor. In 2000 he manhandled an 8-year old whom he accused of threatening to steal his car. In the same year, police were called to his home when he and his wife engaged in a shoving match. He has publicly spoken several times about his belief that U.S. foreign policy is manipulated by a cabal of rich and powerful Jews; he's said that the Jewish community was responsible for the War in Iraq. Apart from his views about Jews and a possible history of violence, Moran also has an ethically challenged past. Some years ago he received an unsecured loan from a lobbyist friend, and immediately signed on as a cosponsor of the lobbyist's priority legislation. He has blustered in vulgar terms about his willingness to use his power in Congress to favor local interests. And Moran has received nearly $1 million in donations from the scandal-plagued PMA group. Moran has been re-elected in his heavily Democrat district, but so have crooks like Dan Rostenkowski and Jim Traficant. Brother or no, Brian Moran ought to explain why he feels comfortable taking money from someone with a background like Congressman Moran's.
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