Remember how the video of the flogging of a young woman who had the temerity to leave her home with a man who wasn't her husband or relative was supposed to change the psyche of the Pakistani people and give them the fortitude to fight the Taliban? Here's what Husain Haqqani, the Ambassador to the United States told a gathering in Washington a week ago:
Recently there was a video shown on Pakistani television and it really galvanized the nation into recognizing that the Pakistani nation does not want to tolerate people that do not respect basic human rights.
Things didn't quite work out that way. According to Pakistan's interior ministry, the flogging never happened. "The report said that the video footage was ‘false and fake' and that no such incident had taken place," the Pakistani daily Dawn reported. The woman and her family said the attack didn't happen, and villagers in Swat said they didn't witness the event. Forget the fact that the Taliban admitted to carrying out the whipping and video of the event is available for all to see. Investigators go into a region dominated by the Taliban and asked questions, that the Taliban won't like, and there you have it, the flogging never happened. Just days after news of the flogging was made public, I noted that the incident would spark much handwringing and little action inside Pakistan. Sadly, this has come to pass. But don't worry, perhaps another outrage will rally the Pakistanis to fight the Taliban. Like last week, when a man and woman who were said to be having an affair were brutally murdered in broad daylight by the Taliban in Hangu. Dawn tells us what happened:
The woman is heard appealing to the Taliban, ‘Have mercy on me, please have mercy; the charges against me are false and no man has ever touched her'. The Taliban first shoot the woman by firing two bullets in her chest and later open a burst of Kalashnikov fire at both the woman and the man. But the woman is still seen breathing, and the Taliban start yelling that she is alive and issuing orders to ‘kill her, kill her'.
Here's guessing that if an investigation is held, the conclusion that this double murder as "false and fake" as well. And the murders will also fail to spark outrage among the Pakistanis, who seem to be fatalistically waiting for the Taliban takeover.
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