Seriously, White House? "It's so stupid because they tell you about every fire drill, but they didn't tell us about this." But don't worry. Obama is reportedly "incensed." Oddly enough, the WSJ is the only paper giving this colossal blunder front-page treatment. Update: I meant to add an "online version front page" stipulation to this, as that's all I'd seen. NYT and other New York papers did run it front-page in print, thank goodness. Sorry for the mistake. "This is impossible. If all countries are 'exceptional,' then none are, and to claim otherwise robs the word, and the idea of American exceptionalism, of any meaning." The Cheney 2012 bandwagon continues apace, in the pages of the New York Times. Administration that buzzed the Manhattan skyline with Air Force One tailed by F-16s without informing the public will totally protect you from swine flu. Do not worry. Bush preparations for the outbreak are now bearing fruit. Michelle Malkin spots an intellectually honest Daily Kos diarist schooling his buddies. 99 dreamy days for the left. Hillary Clinton, second coming of GWB: "There is no sense in negotiating an agreement if it will have no practical impact in reducing emissions to safer levels." Surprise! UN's fecklessness could be as contagious as swine flu. Wear a mask, WHO.
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