Fred Barnes on Specter's defection. Bipartisanship you can believe in: 53 senators--all Democrats--vote for Obama's budget; 43 senators--including Democrats Bayh, Byrd, Nelson, and Specter--vote against it. Obama clears 13 more detainees for release. AP: Obama disowns deficit he helped shape. House passes "hate crimes" law. Watch the entire Cliff May v. Jon Stewart debate on interrogations here. Another Specter quote to add to the file:
"The only check and balance in America today are the 41 Republican Senators who can talk and filibuster. Otherwise, the White House, the House of Representatives [will] be a streamroller." "If there's a Democrat in my place, then they'll have anything they want," Specter continued, speaking of the Dems. "It will be a bulldozer."
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