You know you've got a problem when John Kerry is calling your approach to the world weak and feckless. Yet that's precisely where Congressman David Obey, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, now finds himself. On Monday, Obey suggested that President Obama had a year to turn around Afghanistan -- after which he would pull the plug on war funding. Obey's comments unleashed a torrent of criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike. Senator Kerry, to his credit, wrapped Obey's remarks as "a mistake," warning, "They [the Afghans] need to know we're prepared to make a long-term commitment." The always-reliable Lindsey Graham likewise lashed out, calling Obey's comments "incredibly irresponsible" and adding, "I'll do everything I can to support the president to make sure we don't let people like Mr. Obey make war policy." Hear hear!
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