The good news is they were snitched on and caught. The bad news is they're all U.S.-born:
The FBI busted a homegrown terror cell late Wednesday night as the men sneaked around a Jewish temple in Riverdale planting what they thought were packages of C-4 explosives, sources told the Daily News. The four men also allegedly had what they believed was a working Stinger missile in their car: officials said they wanted to shoot down a plane near Stewart Air National Guard Base. Sources said the four men were arrested after a year long investigation that began when an informant connected to a mosque in Newburg said some militants wanted to buy explosives.
After being tipped to the activity, FBI agents posing as militants sold the terrorists fake C-4 explosive material and the fake missile. NYPD reportedly boxed in a black SUV outside one of the temples while the terrorists were going about setting their fake bombs. Nice! The perps:
Arrested was alleged ringleader James Cromitie of Newburgh, the son of an Afghan immigrant and his wife. Cromitie served a long stretch in prison in the past. Alleged henchment David Williams, Onta Williams and Leguerre Payen were busted with him. Sources said the three were jailhouse converts to Islam.
And, for an idea of why the New York Post sells newspapers, check out this lede:
Four home-grown Muslim terrorists hell bent on blowing up two Bronx synagogues and shooting down a military plane have been arrested following a massive, year-long investigation, sources told the Post.
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