Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio says that "there is much in [Sotomayor's] legal background that is troubling", and he hopes that she doesn't get a free pass because of her ethnicity:
"I look forward to hearing more about Judge Sotomayor and her views about the proper role of the courts and judicial activism. The role the Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitution, not to make law. Given this, I am deeply concerned about Judge Sotomayor's past comment that the courts are ‘where policy is made' and look forward to hearing her explanation and defense of that view. "Judge Sotomayor deserves a fair hearing and respectful treatment, but there is much in her legal background that is troubling and demands scrutiny and honest discussion. I hope that a serious examination of her record and beliefs will not be shelved or cast aside simply so Democrats can attempt to claim political credit for a ‘historic' court nomination."
Rubio's primary opponent Gov. Charlie Crist doesn't have much to say about Sotomayor. Crist alienated Florida conservatives in March by appointing a liberal judicial activist to the Florida Supreme Court.
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