Strongly indicating just how well ObamaCare is resonating with the public as we approach the midterm elections, Politico reports that, so far in October, advertising in opposition to ObamaCare and/or in support of repeal has outpaced advertising in support of ObamaCare by a margin of "20-to-1." Almost nobody wants to defend this president's, and this Congress's, signature initiative. Politico writes that ads in opposition to ObamaCare "completely dominate the landscape," as ObamaCare opponents "have spent $21 million since the beginning of the month while supporters have put down a meager $1 million, according to Evan Tracey at Kantar Media." In comparison to the widespread efforts on the other side, Tracey likens pro-ObamaCare ads to "the sound of one hand clapping."

However, Politico reports, when it comes to supporting ObamaCare, there is still one entity that's willing to put its -- or, rather, your -- money where its mouth is:

"Government agencies have spent just about $3 million on health-related television buys in October, says Tracey, largely on Medicare spots. HHS sources could not confirm, but did not deny, the number. They said the agency continues to run its Andy Griffith ads heavily on cable networks -- CNN, Weather Channel, Lifetime, Hallmark -- alongside basic cable buys in select regions."

So, amazingly, taxpayer-funded HHS ads in support of ObamaCare, and largely targeting seniors, are outpacing all of the privately purchased pro-ObamaCare ads run by all of the candidates, and all of the independent groups, in connection with all 435 House races, 37 Senate races, 37 gubernatorial races, and the whole assortment of other state and local races -- and are doing so by a margin of 3 to 1.

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