"We're in the role of the supplicant." The Obama administration is already ready to cut a deal with the Christmas Day bomber. There were no U.S. combat deaths in Iraq last month. Nothing sells in Europe like an anti-Israel Holocaust survivor. Spencer Ackerman interviews an Iranian dissident who supports sanctions and has been disappointed by Obama. AP Newsflash: 2010 Situation Grows More Difficult for Democrats. Josh Gerstein catches the administration spinning six different ways on Yemen. But the administration is still planning on sending detainees to Yemen. Even though they could transfer them anywhere and they'd still find their way to Yemen to rejoin the fight. Liz Cheney states the obvious: "Previous experience should bolster the case for not releasing them." But none of this will matter if al Qaeda topples Yemen's government. Hahaha...the First Lady is making jokes about mounting a "coup." Our photo of the day, courtesy of Kalashnikov brand vodka. The old anti-Semitism czar isn't impressed with his replacement, Hannah Rosenthal. And the State Department cable on the underwear bomber was "just the tip of the iceberg."
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