Flashback: The Left whined about Gallup in 2004.

Moussaoui conviction upheld. Victory for the law-enforcement crowd? Not so fast.

Tom Brokaw: Hey, you know what'd be awesome? A national version of the Oregon health-care system.

Obama's can't-do style: "To be sure, presidents typically face a steep learning curve during their first year. And given Obama's political skills, his handling of foreign policy could become more adept. Yet the impact of his operational style on policy remains considerable and arguably not well suited to managing two wars and an intransigent Iran, let alone a major foreign policy crisis of the kind that is almost certain to arise at some point during his term."

The triumphant return of...Howard Dean?

This oughtta keep the terrorist-fighting right on track.

Conservatives mull Brown's chances in MA:
"The bad news is that Brown needs almost a perfect storm -- unbelievably fired-up Republicans, immensely depressed Democrats, and a heavy skew among independents -- to make up the traditional 30 percentage point deficit and win this race."

In the oil-rich workers' paradise of Venezuela, the new year will start with rationed electricity.

Paul Ryan heading to N.H.

The NYT Mag's tick-tock on Obama's first year dealing with terror.

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