For those of you not obsessed with the celebrisphere, Casey Johnson--equally famous for being a Johnson & Johnson heiress and Tila Tequila's "fiancé"--died last night from an apparent drug overdose. It's all very sad, of course. But what's interesting--in a horrifying, end-of-civilization kind of way is the Twittering done by Ms. Tequila during the terrible event:

-This is a very heartbreaking time for me. I just want some pricacy as I deal with the loss of my Fiance Casey Johnson. I'm heart is shredded

- I just got news that my fiance is not dead but currently in a coma!!! Omg please pray that she will make it! Hang in there my love please!!!

- I know u can feel me Casey! Dot let go! I'm almost home baby please hang on! We have a beautiful life planned out for us! I LOVE u! Hang on!

- I'm still in shock! Once again thank U for the outpour of love and support. I just wish to have some privacy at this heartbreaking time.

- R.I.P my Angel. @caseyjonsonJnJ u will forever be in my heart! I love u so so much and we will Marry when I see U in Heaven my Wifey

I understand that Tila Tequila isn't a normal individual, subject to the customs and mores of civilized society. She is, after all, the first person to find a way to parlay a MySpace page into a TV show. But even allowing for her status as Patient Zero in the current internet-fame-industrial complex, there's something gobsmacking about taking the time to preen in public about death almost as it is happening. And then to ask for "pricacy" after the fact.) Get Christine Rosen on line one.

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