Both Republican state senator Scott Brown and Democratic attorney general Martha Coakley support legal abortion, but during yesterday's debate Brown made a point of contrasting his position on this issue with Coakley's extremist record. "I'm not in favor of partial-birth abortion. I am not in favor of federal funding of abortion. I do not believe in lowering the age of consent to get abortions as Martha does," Brown said. In other words, Brown is more pro-life than Nebraska's Ben Nelson or Pennsylvania'

"No, that's not my position," Coakley replied to the moderator's question if she would support federal legislation on these issues. But the Boston Globe reported that in the 1980s "Coakley was a private lawyer who volunteered her time to help minors get court orders for abortions when they could not get their parents' consent."

So great was Coakley's commitment to (the ACLU's vision of) the rule of law, that she didn't push for holding a rapist on bail, but she used to spend her free time helping minors get abortions without their parents' knowledge.

Massachusetts is one of the bluest of the blue states, so it's not surprising that both the Republican and Democratic candidates in the Massachusetts Attorney general and Senate candidate Martha Coakley said during the recent Democratic primary that she would vote against the Democrats' health care bill if it denied coverage of abortions for federally subsidized plans

If you're elected to the united state

"She will go down there as a social crusader ... and lower the age of consent and also provide federal funding."

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