In October, the Left and the media reveled in Arnold Schwarzenegger's endorsement of Obamacare, but my, how times have changed.

Leave it to the Governator to abandon Obamacare with a little drama. From his state of the state address:

Now Congress is about to pile billions more onto California with the new health care bill.

While I enthusiastically support health care reform, it is not reform to push more costs onto states that are already struggling while other states get sweetheart deals.

Health care reform, which started as noble and needed legislation, has become a trough of bribes, deals and loopholes.

You’ve heard of the bridge to nowhere. This is health care to nowhere.

California's congressional delegation should either vote against this bill that is a disaster for California or get in there and fight for the same sweetheart deal Senator Nelson of Nebraska got for the Cornhusker State. He got the corn; we got the husk.

California is, of course, fiscally floundering under a system that promises unending social services without the means to pay for them, and the health-care bill would simply add to Arnold's troubles.

Karen Tumulty asked in October, "Who knew there were so many socialists in the Republican Party?"

One fewer than we thought, apparently. Whew.

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