Today, a Rasmussen poll found that 44 percent of Americans believe Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the game today.

The Daily Kos and the DNC immediately released statements asserting that if it weren't for Rasmussen's bias, Jake Delhomme would totes have finished on top.

"He's been underpolling quarterbacks with more than 15 interceptions all year," said one liberal blogger familiar with Journolist bash sessions of the independent pollster. "People start thinking, 'There's something going on here.'"

Democrats said the poll revealed its bias in its question formulation, which routinely led participants to favor Manning's frequent wins and completions over more unorthodox methods, like the Russell approach— getting benched, subsequently skipping team meetings for trips to Vegas and rudely rejecting offers from four-time Pro-Bowlers for help.

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