Hilarious react from the hero of the anti-tree-hugging movement:

WASHINGTON — In a cover story on global warming titled "You Idiots!" Rolling Stone named U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe as one of the "planet's worst enemies.''

The Oklahoma Republican took issue.

"My first response was I should have been No. 1, not No. 7," said Inhofe, perhaps the most vocal global-warming skeptic in Congress. "I am serious about that. I have spent now literally years on this thing, and it has been a long, involved thing.'' ...

Still, Inhofe conceded his profile said some "nice'' things about him.

The magazine described him as "one of the GOP's loudest and most influential voices on climate change."

Citing his headline-grabbing comments from the past, it states that Inhofe is far from being marginalized and continues to hold remarkable sway.

He is credited with leading an effort that helped cloud the future of a major climate change bill in the Senate and "diminishing America's bargaining position at the Copenhagen climate negotiations."

Inhofe is called "God's Denier" for the way he dismisses concern about rising sea levels.

"I say God is still up there, and we will always have these changes," he said.

Seriously -- Inhofe's spent years working to scuttle the left's dream of regulating every breath you take and every appliance you own. Why won't Rolling Stone give him the credit he deserves?

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