In wake of Obama’s decision to punt on the budget, his lack of sure-footedness in dealing with Egypt, and his mystifying refusal to give voice to American ideals in Libya, the number of Americans who think the president is a “poor” leader now doubles the number who think he is an “excellent” one, according to a newly released Rasmussen poll of likely voters.

In response to a rather straightforward question — “How would you rate Barack Obama as a leader?” — 40 percent of Americans replied that Obama is a “poor” leader, while just 20 percent replied that he is an “excellent” one. Among independents, the ratio was more than three to one against: 43 percent think Obama is a “poor” leader, while just 14 percent think he is an “excellent” one.

A majority of the remaining respondents, both overall and among independents, rate Obama as a “fair” leader, rather than as a “good” one.

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