A report from a friend in Massachusetts:

"Holy smokes."

That was Scott Brown's exclamation on the bus as we turned the corner in downtown Quincy, Mass. and saw the crowd gathered in the public square.

As he and his band of followers walked to the rostrum, extemporaneous -- and loud -- chants of "Go Scott. Go" rang out.

He took the stage as John Mellencamp's "Authority Song" blared from the loud speakers. After former governor Weld introduced him, promising a second shot heard round the world, Scott took the stage full of energy.

He had a large cardboard "Martha Coakley Tax Bill," itemized and totaling 2.1 trillion dollars and -- in hand -- he added the 45 billion dollar bank tax and pointed out that (although he condemns the greed evidenced by outrageous compensation) now is not the time for another tax, one that will just be passed on by the banks.

He closed by urging that the Coakley campaign get out of the gutter and promising to speak only on the issues. (The crowd chanted "Shame on Martha!)

Enthusiasm is palpable and the candidate is on his game!

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