Another report from a friend on the bus:

Scott just finished two rallies in Hyannis on Cape Cod.

He continues to hone his closing message: He is running a campaign he can be proud of and renounces the malicious tone of the Coakley campaign. He will bring civility and common sense to Washington and, as the 41st Senator, will end back-room deals done solely by a supermajority. He will fight against Coakley's tax agenda and will fight for recognition that we are at war and our enemies should not be told they can take the fifth by taxpayer-funded lawyers.

But more than the substance, the tenor of the day is unbelievable. In downtown Hyannis, about two miles from the Kennedy compound, I witnessed the following: Parents making sure that their kids shake Scott's hand and get a picture for history's sake. A woman vowing not to wash the glove on the hand that shook Brown's hand. Two local reporters saying that they didn't know there were so many Republicans on Cape Cod. Police officers saying the only thing like it they had seen was an Obama visit.

And after Scott closed his speech by saying that Martha has turned the politics of hope into the politics of fear, how did the event end?

A state representative shouted, "Can we win?". The answer: A resounding chant from the crowd of "Yes we can! Yes we can!"

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