Israeli doctors and rescuers, who have been doing heroic work on the ground in Haiti since the earthquake, have decided they must stay put to help for another month. Donations have been pouring in from the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, and poor Lebanon, as well. Even the butchers of Iran have risen to the occasion. So where, beyond an expression of condolence from the “king,” are the offers of help and money from the House of Saud? It seems it was God’s little joke to hand the greatest supplies of oil and natural gas to a people who part with their riches for their own ends only. Not only have the rulers of sand and oil donated not a single penny so far to the Haiti relief effort, but a scouring of the English-language Saudi press turns up not even a mention of the word Haiti.

Perhaps they will be shamed into reaching into the very, very full pockets of their thwabs to pull out a contribution. If they’re shamable.

Just wondering: If his country were to suffer a terrible natural disaster, and the Israelis were willing to deploy their miraculous field hospitals and search teams to this most Jew-hating of states, would the Saudi “king” allow them to land on his oil-drenched soil to search for survivors and save the lives of his “subjects?” Would he first demand that any mention of the Jewish state be scrubbed from their passports?

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