As Mary Katharine notes below, Ben Smith reports that a Coakley adviser is sending around a memo blaming national Democrats for Coakley's current predicament, and Washington Democrats are firing back. The Coakley adviser is right (as I write below) that the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda put Coakley in a very bad position, but I don't really buy the adviser's claim that Washington Democrats didn't give Coakley enough money.

The adviser's implication that the national party is to blame for Coakley's decision to oppose the Afghanistan surge--"Democrats concerns with Obama's Afghanistan plan forced Coakley to oppose the Afghan war in the primary, which hurt her in the general"--is ridiculous, as Jim Geraghty notes.

So who's to blame for Coakley's trouble, asks Ramesh Ponnuru. "The candidate's ineptitude, or the harmful climate partly created by the White House national Democrats? I think it's time to transcend this false choice."

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